The Advanced Technology Group or AT Group is an investment holding firm. AT Group LLC, is a California Limited Liability Company is comprised of inventions (intellectual property) and stock in companies founded by Mr. Arvind Thiagarajan, including HD Medical Group Pty Ltd, Australia and MatrixView Limited, Singapore plus other minority investments in promising emerging companies.

AT Group strives to create an environment to accomplish great goals through entrepreneurial spirit and creative genius with execution at the highest level.  The company is purpose-driven with a mission to innovate, incubate and invest.

AT Group adheres to a philosophy of investing in Triple Bottom-line (TBL) companies in the areas healthcare, internet and green technologies.  TBL companies not only focus on profits but also people and planet. Embracing this TBL philosophy encompassing humanitarian and sustainability goals along with good economic performance improves a company’s overall standing in terms of corporate image, profitability, and the ability to attract top talent.  The company is also associated with a charitable foundation called SAI Global Mission which focuses on Societal Advancement Initiatives globally.

Innovate, Incubate, Invest